Build Your Brand

At Minuteman Press of Centerville we have the knowledge, experience, products and services to help you build an outstanding Brand!

Let us help you Build Your Brand to make a lasting positive impression on your prospects and customers...

What is Branding?

Branding is the creation of your business self portrait. What image and perception do you want  to present to your marketplace?

 Why Create a Brand?

By building a brand you will improve your company recognition, create trust, build value beyond your products and services, inspire your employees and generate new customers!

Defining your Brand!

Your Brand should focus on the unique products and services you bring to the marketplace.

 Your Brand should have the following characteristics:

 Easily recognizable in the marketplace

Establishes credibility

Creates a professional appearance

Communicates the uniqueness of your business

Provides a memorable visual experience

Build your Brand everyday

Live Your Brand!

Create a Logo and Tagline

Logo Wear (shirts/hats,etc.) for employees and customers  

Promotional Products (Pens/Pads/Mugs/Bags, etc.) for customers and prospects


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